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June 21, 2007
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More photos from the meeting

NEW - Video from the meeting
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- Late Fall 2007 Nov or early Dec.
Topic: Wireless applications to improve business processes
- Winter [March] 2008:
Topic: Wireless and Mobility trends in Europe, Asia and North America [and the impact on business]
- Spring [May or June 2008]:
Topic: Security and making Wireless safe
- September 2008:
Topic: Client Stories and Case Studies
- November/December 2008:
Topic: Update on Wireless Networks – 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Mesh etc.
RFID Conference Oct 3, 4th, Toronto
Title of Conference: Managing the Global Supply Chain - corporate strategy for conducting planetary business in the 21st Century.
Major Themes:
- The Outcome Economy;
- Global Demand; and
- Supply Chain as a source of Differentiation.
This conference will discuss the major elements of managing a Global Supply Chain in the 21st Century.
You may click here to register and attendthis conference in NY.
Presentations from the March event:
- Allegro Mobile Solutions - Understanding Rugged Devices for the Mobile Workforce
- FingertipWare and TeamSFA - Using off-the-shelf mobile devices
- IT Business Canada - General Device overview

Presentations from the November event:
- TorWUG - Agenda
- Oracle - 3rd Generation Mobile Services
- Toyota Car Plant - Case Study



ABI Research: Who Leads in WLAN Security? Comparative Evaluation of Vendor Offerings and Positioning


PhyDos Webinar - in the past, WLAN professionals have leveraged IDS/IPS solutions for ongoing layer 2 security monitoring. However, an emerging area that has not been extensively addressed is security at the physical layer. WLAN professionals have begun to view spectrum analysis as a CRITICAL component of ongoing security monitoring and policy enforcement. Find out best practices for how to keep your network secure at the physical layer with our FREE webinar.


Evaluating Interference in Wireless LANs: Recommended Practice - Read


The Invisible Threat: Interference and Wireless LANs - Read


The Effects of Interference on General WLAN Traffic - Read


The Effects of Interference on Video Over Wi-Fi - Read


The Effects of Interference on VoFi Traffic - Read

Chameleon - This project is being developed at the Mobile and Pervasive Group at the University of Toronto.
Chameleon is an extension (plug-in) to the Firefox web browser. It's aim is to decrease the amount of bandwidth and time spent surfing multimedia-heavy websites. Most of the delay is due to large images that get downloaded at very high resolutions. Chameleon lets the user determine the quality at which an image gets downloaded. More Info

Mobile Sales and Service Solutions Mobile Sales and Service Solutions
In Brief Customers and partners share in the benefits of a farm cooperative’s wireless workforce solution Read

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP The Business Case for Wireless Software
Applications in the Enterprise
by Iain Gillott, Editor at Software Magazine
Wireless and mobile solutions have moved up in priority for CIOs, who see financial benefit and opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Read

WLAN WWAN Hardware & Devices Software & Services Industry focus Infrastructure

New: Submit articles and whitepapers and we will give away a new Blackberry to the best article and best white paper or case study. [info@torwug.org for submissions]


Interesting Stories:

November 2007
Google's mobile move: awe-inspiring and terrifying

Android just another Linux platform, says Symbian CEO

RIM slashes price of BlackBerry server for SMB market

Femto Forum adds Morotola, NEC and other heavyweights

Gphones cool, but may take time to catch on, says ARM CEO

June 2007
RFID Implementation Challenges Persist, All This Time Later

Supply Chain and the Main Challenges Of RFID

RFID Reshapes Supply Chain Management

Mobile Technology shorts - June 5, 2007

May 2007
The RFID Hype Effect

RFID Makes Ordering and Paying for Pizza Easy As Pie

Bell Canada Taps Symbol's RFID

Mobile Technology shorts - May 25, 2007

Making The Case To Deploy RFID

Wal-Mart Sticking to Its RFID Guns

Hitachi Creates Paper-Thin RFID Tags

Mobile Technology shorts - May 17, 2007

Logistics Gets Cheaper by the Yard

Singapore's Biggest Grocery Retailer Completes RFID Trial

The Future of Wireless

Mobile Technology shorts - May 2, 2007

April 2007
Blackberry outage suggests some infrastructure investment is needed

RFID and Security Issues

Unlock the Business Case for RFID

RFID Reshapes Supply Chain Management

Mobile Technology shorts - April 20, 2007

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Articles provided by our sponsors :



Mobile and Wireless Management: The Silent Epidemic


Aberdeen Group - The Wireless Costs and Performance Benchmark Report



Wireless Networking and the Only Tool You Need


The Top Ten Myths of WiFi interference


The Intelligent SpectrumManagement System


The Intelligent SpectrumManagement System Mobile


Cognio Case Statement


Security university Press Release


Spectrum Analyzer Press Release



Wireless Handheld Devices Become Trusted Network Devices







Case Studies





2005 Alberta Wireless and Telecom Industry Survey


Managing the Risks of Counterfeiting in the Information Technology Industry


Global 100 Article


Global Telecommunications Financial Performance Tracker



Assessing the Impact of Treo Smartphone Deployment in the Enterprise

Prime Message:


SMS and Messaging Business Case studies



Tilting the Playing Field - The Competitive Impact of Wireless



Understanding and Evaluating RFID

Sesame Networks:


Securing Wi-Fi for Guest Internet Access







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 Case Studies, White
 Recent Case Studies


How one firm secures mobile workers


Gillette's Fusion Launch Makes a Good Business Case for RFID


Wal-Mart's CIO Dishes on RFID at NRFTech Conference


Innovation: Continental's Wireless Plan on the Wing


Flowfinity Announces Case Study Showcasing Electronic Retail Audit Solution for H.J. Heinz


How to manage hundreds of wireless access points


Learn how Toronto-based McMillan Binch improved efficiency, client services, and reduced overall infrastructure costs by being the first Bay Street law firm to deploy a wireless network. Read the PDF


To help manage a growing interior design business and increase client customer service, Red Heron Design studios turned to Tablet PCs featuring Intel Centrino mobile technology. Click here read


Helping to make three-dimensional content useful to companies throughout a product lifecycle. Read the PDF


City Government saves $ 1 million with Avaya


Chronic care facility improves productivity


Blackberry improving Quality at Suncor:


Cognio standardizes security at its security university:


Intel helps Visa with its website to enable savings, growth and productivity.


Intermec helps manufacturer and service provider save a lot of money and improve sales.


VOIP managing the risks and concerns


New York Times praises Palm’s ‘office on the go’ suite


Prime introduces SMS payments and mobile payments


Blackberry improves QA and QC at Suncor


Field Personnel benefit from going wireless


Asset Tracking reduces process time by 50%.


WiFi and beyond Hotspots for enterprise solutions.


Building a WLAN campus


Telus implements VOIP to drive profits at insurance company.


Mobilizing Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange platforms.


For wireless products for the enterprise see:


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 By Industry








 IT - Information Technology












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  White Paper: Smart Mobile: Next-Generation Architecture for High Performance Wireless Networks


  Forrester Wave Report 2007: WLAN Infrastructure


  Yankee Group Report: TCO Leader for Business WLAN Deployment


  THOUGHT LEADERSHIP The Business Case for Wireless Software


  Nortel implements VOIP for Rolls Royce


  Mortgage broker deploys smart phone app


  Unilever and IBM combine on RFID project


  1-800-GotJunk running on Palm Treos to improve profits


  New mobile platform from Prime Message for media and product information for consumer hand helds [pdf]


  Fleet personnel benefit from Rogers wireless solutions platform


  Wireless LAN using Intel technology pays dividends


  Direct store Delivery using Wireless


  Campus wide security solution


  Blackberry improving Quality at Suncor


  Asset tracking delivers large ROI


 West Edmonton Mall: 48 square blocks of Wi-Fi access including security protocols
By Deborah Mendez-Wilson, Network World
Read more


  Asset Tracking Solution


  Treo Smartphones Increase The Productivity of Mobile Professionals


 Estimate ROI of Wireless and the Right Mix of Mobile PCs with the ROI Analysis Tool


 Methodology for Making Money



 Mobile and Wireless


GPRS Links


Handheld Computers




Wireless LAN


Wireless Security


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 Events, Opinions


June 21 2007
The Wireless Supply Chain - Bar-coding, RFID, and Warehousing


 More Upcoming Events  

 2007 EVENTS


March 29th 2007
Devices, Gadgets and Tools for the workforce – from Apple to Laptops what are mobile workers using and why.
June 21rst 2007
The Wireless Supply Chain - Bar-coding, RFID, and Warehousing
Septtember 20th 2007
3G and beyond - network, apps, functionality
Why is Canada so far behind?

 Last Event


March 29, 2007
Devices, Gadgets and Tools for the workforce – from Apple to Laptops what are mobile workers using and why.
FingertipWare and TeamSFA
Allegro Wireless
IT Business Canada


 More Details  

 Events Archive


 March 29, 2007
Devices, Gadgets and Tools for the workforce – from Apple to Laptops what are mobile workers using and why.


 November 30, 2006
Client Stories and Client Case Studies.


 September 27, 2006
Market Update


 April 27, 2006
Security Issues & Hacking a Wireless Network


 January 26, 2006
Hardware, Devices and Smart Mobile Units.


 September 15, 2005
Update on the Market including Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, and Smart Devices.


 May 19, 2005
Networks - from 2.5 G to
4 G - Reality and Hype


 February 17, 2005
The Markets and Applications for RIM and Palm - Business Applications and Usage for the Mobile Worker


 November 4, 2005
Smart Phones - Another Transformative Technology?


 September 9, 2005
RFID Technologies.


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 Beefing up the wireless coverage
Aug 21, 2006


 Do you know where your wireless devices are? Managed wireless services on the rise.
Aug 21, 2006


 IBM and how to Optimise Mobile device coding
June 19, 2006


 Mobile Video - will streaming for business be practical soon ?
June 19, 2006


 Smart phones get smarter
June 15, 2006


 Bye-Bye BlackBerrys?
January 12, 2006


 NTP and ‘The Rape of RIM.’ Another reason to hate lawyers [and the government]
December 09, 2005


 RIM and NTP should have resolved their differences long ago.
December 09, 2005


 Why Mobile application usage is up 20 % year over year.
December 09, 2005


 IT will have to push businesses into wireless
November 18, 2005


 Next Up: Business Intelligence On The Go
November 14, 2005


 Why IT Projects fail - blame the Orwell’s and politicians
November 1, 2005


 Mobile and Wireless Market penetration rates still low
October 26, 2005


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 Wireless News

Motorola Droid's $187.75 BOM Costs Tops iPhone, Nexus One

Verizon's New Talk, Data Plans Will Not Affect Droid, BlackBerry

Enterprise iPhone Adoption Still Slow, Says Analyst

Microsoft Mobile 7 Release Date Remains Unclear

How to Rein in Telecom Expenses Without Hindering Long-Term Growth

Google Nexus One: Smartphone Setup and Start-Up

Google Nexus One Is a Fine Smartphone Hurt by Iffy Voice Input

10 Reasons Why Windows Mobile 7 Must Launch in 2010, or Else

 Network World on
 Wireless and Mobile

Verizon Wireless slashes rates for unlimited voice

What's Verizon Wireless up to?

World's biggest cruise ship sails through wireless challenges

Genachowski addresses “looming crisis” in wireless spectrum

Mesh gains disciples

WLANs: The state of the market

2020 Vision: Why you won't recognize the 'Net in 10 years

Avaya drops wireless headsets

 ITBusiness.ca - Wireless

Google unveils 'chic and capable' Nexus One smartphone

iPhone satisfaction rating hits the roof ... almost

RIM looks to enhance Web browsing on BlackBerry

Using "folder" power to master your BlackBerry smartphone

Owning an iPhone makes you "happier and more productive"

 Phone Scoop - Latest Phones

Samsung Stunt SCH-R100

Motorola Brute i680

LG Lotus Elite

Motorola Quantico V840 / V845

Motorola i410

Motorola Crush

HTC Nexus One

HP iPAQ Glisten

 CNET Reviews
 Most Recent PDAs

Asus MyPal A636

Pharos Drive GPS 140

Mio DigiWalker P550

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Palm TX

Sony Mylo 2 (white)

Tiger Telematics Gizmondo

Pharos Traveler GPS 525


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